Best Laptop Inventory Management

Modern business and information technology always go together. Even small businesses today need to rely on a huge number of IT assets. Therefore network administrators can no longer keep track of everything efficiently. The solution is using the help of a computer inventory management solution. However, we will look more closely in the best laptop inventory management, which specifically targets the laptop segment.

Laptop inventory management is much more flexible, therefore increase the complexity of the inventory system. Together with Inventory, we will discuss about the best laptop inventory management solutions that are currently available.

So let’s see the best laptop inventory management solutions:

  1. Lansweeper
  2. WinAudit
  3. Network Inventory Advisor
  4. Asset Panda
  5. Spiceworks IT Asset Management

What is laptop inventory management

Laptop inventory management is the process of automatic discovery and tracking of laptop assets in an organization throughout their life cycle. It can analyze laptops on a network and generates flexible reports with information about the exact hardware and software configuration of each machine or device.

Laptop inventory management software solutions target many different use-cases. Some laptop inventory solutions are aimed at individual home users, conveniently displaying hardware and software specifications of Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop laptops. Other laptop inventory solutions are aimed at IT administrators who look after an entire network of machines and connected devices, helping them plan future hardware and software purchases and diagnose network issues.

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Why we need laptop inventory management

Knowing exactly what laptop you have, what’s their configuration, and where they are located can be useful for a number of reasons. Every year, businesses around the world waste lots of money on unnecessary hardware and software. These wastes could have been easily avoided with careful planning supported by reports generated using a laptop inventory system. For example, the cases of multinational companies in various fields like the best large room air purifier, the television, the mobile phone.

This issue affects both small companies and huge multinational corporations with bloated IT departments. The situation is worse than ever before because today businesses allow their employees to bring their own device – laptop to the office. Consequently, it is more difficult for the management to plan future purchases.

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Many laptop inventory management solutions support the tracking of software licenses, which is an invaluable feature for compliance with software license agreements and as a way to prepare for a software license audit.

We understand how complicated the current laptop inventory management overview is. That’s why having a good laptop inventory management solution that can automatically send alerts when it detects a compliance issue. Laptop Inventory Management can save businesses a lot of both time and a lot of money.

Best Laptop Inventory Management Systems

1. Lansweeper

The first one is Lansweeper. It is a popular agent-less laptop inventory management and software auditing tool with integrated reporting capabilities and automated software deployment. This laptop software comes with an integrated help desk and IT service desk, thus making it possible to receive, and analyze to help tickets from a single user interface.

The free version of Lansweeper is limited to only 100 assets and includes only a fraction of the functionality present in any of the three premium versions of the laptop inventory management software.

2. WinAudit

Like Lansweeper, WinAudit is a simple laptop inventory software utility for Windows laptops. This software is free and can be distributed by anyone without any restrictions. WinAudit can create a comprehensive report based on a machine’s configuration. Saving file can be CSV, RTF,or HTML.

While WinAudit lacks many of the advanced auditing and network management features that make software solutions such as Network Inventory Advisor so popular among network administrators, it’s great for home users and small businesses who can get by with just the basics for the laptops.

3. Network Inventory Advisor

Mentioned above, Network Inventory Advisor is an all-in-one laptop inventory software solution capable of generating flexible hardware and software reports that include Window, macOS, and Linux-based devices as well as other network and standalone equipment.

This software supports license aggregation, collection, and management for most major software products from more than 500 vendors. We can tell there are including Autodesk, Microsoft, Adobe, and others.

Network Inventory Advisor supports the management of multiple networks, which is perfect to use just a single installation of it to manage multiple networks. Also you can switch between them with a click of a button. With Network Inventory Advisor, it’s possible to easily move, group, regroup and ungroup, reassign, and edit multiple nodes at the same time. And filtering down the network inventory is just a matter of a few clicks.

4. Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a flexible laptop inventory software solution with an intuitive user interface that makes asset tracking and management accessible to anyone. This laptop inventory management can handle any number of hardware and software assets. It’s available both online and through a mobile application.

Their customer service is US-based, and anyone can test this popular laptop inventory management solution for up to 14 days for free.

5. Spiceworks IT Asset Management

The last one is an enterprise-grade laptop inventory management and network monitoring software system that handles everything from workstations and servers to routers and switches.

Spiceworks can track software licenses so you can stay in compliance, handling even cloud-based services. As an enterprise-grade solution, Spiceworks is less suitable for smaller businesses, who might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of features the software offers.

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