Top Gadgets for New Parents

There are lots of cool gadgets for new moms and dads to make life less stressful, and some would even help make parenting much easier. Here in Inventory, we give you Top Gadgets for New Parents. 1. Baby Monitor Trust me, this is the real deal to have in a home with babies, especially for … Read more

5 Tips to make a more usable E-commerce website

E-commerce is a very competitive field because your rival is no more than a click away. If a customer doesn’t like your site, he simply looks for another e-commerce site to buy products from. If you want to gain more customers and attract attention, you want to make sure that your website is as usable and … Read more

The danger of pet odors in your carpet

No one wants a smelly home, especially when the source of the smell is pet odor in carpet. But a lingering pet smell in your carpets and rugs is more than just annoying and embarrassing – it can also be hazardous to your health. Here, your carpet cleaning expert explains the 5 ways pet odor … Read more

5 methods for efficient inventory management

Whether small or giant, the lifeline the lifeline for any online company is its inventory. If there is no inventory there is no point in having a store or being a retailer! So simple and apparent, we all understand the importance of managing inventory as it enables to address two critical issues: The enterprise has … Read more

Six Healthy Gift Ideas for Christmas

The Christmas season is finally here, meaning it’s time to start thinking of good presents for your friends and family. In recent years, healthy gifts have become more and more popular, leaving many people looking for healthy gift ideas for their loved ones. To help, we’ve put together a list of six gift ideas for … Read more

8 Great Ecommerce Inventory Tips

Have you ever gone to a store, checking for a great shirt you want? You went to the checkout and they just said that it is out of stock? That is terrible inventory management on the retail store’s behalf. Now imagine how your customers would feel in that situation. They place an order in your … Read more

Best Laptop Inventory Management

Modern business and information technology always go together. Even small businesses today need to rely on a huge number of IT assets. Therefore network administrators can no longer keep track of everything efficiently. The solution is using the help of a computer inventory management solution. However, we will look more closely in the best laptop inventory management, … Read more

9 Ways To Spy On Your Shopify Competitors

Ecommerce is all about having the right tools for the trade, whether that’s full automation or analytics. Despite the competitor research tools that are at people’s disposal across the internet, everyone is using the same tools for competitor analysis. If you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, it doesn’t help your business grow or increase your success — … Read more