9 Steps for perfect Air Purifier Inventory Management

An inventory is a must-have requirement for your air purifier store, and control inventory is not this kind of easy story. Not storing enough inventory means you will be losing air purifier sales, while having too much inventory is costly for every unused air purifier. That’s why having an efficient air purifier inventory control system is so important. This Inventory guide will show you 9 steps for a perfect air purifier inventory management.

1, Air Purifier Inventory Management – Assign Barcode

Fisrt, it’s necessary for every air purifier products in your air purifier database to have a unique barcode recorded in it. Don’t forget to ask your suppliers for their barcodes, and the air purifier should provide them on a CSV file so you can import. You may need to create a custom ‘Barcode’ field in your ecommerce platform, for example Magento, to enter the barcode data into. Even if you aren’t ready for barcode scanning inventory, it would be highly recommended if you record barcode data from day one.

2, Air Purifier Inventory Management – Dynamic locations

Fix the product locations for a retail store, that means your customers can always find necessary things. Your warehouse will be a convenient place. Being flexible with the air purifier warehouse you store products will enable you to optimize your space and prolong the life of your warehouse. If you’re finding products by storing them in SKU order, just try to create a separate location identifier and assigning products to locations.

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3, Air Purifier Inventory Management – Check in and online

When goods are delivered to your air purifier inventory, get them checked in and available for sales in the same day. A simple barcode scan to capture the inventory quantities delivered can improve productivity by three times.

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4, Air Purifier Inventory Management – GPS help for your pickers

Map the fastest route through your air purifier warehouse locations and use the sequence number for each location. Sort your pick lists in sequence number order to help your pickers choose your warehouse. Sequenced pickers can pick over 100 items per hour. You need to use the Click-and-collect function for more convenient.

5, Air Purifier Inventory Management – Barcode Verification

Even the best pickers will make a mistake every once in a while. Fortunately, barcode scanners don’t suffer from the same affliction as humans and can guarantee you exceptional picking accuracy.
Barcode pickers target 99.99% picking accuracy.

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6, Air Purifier Inventory Management – Real-time Air Purifier Inventory

There’s nothing worse than emailing a customer to tell them that you can’t fulfill their order because you don’t have the air purifier inventory. Connect your website to your warehouse software so that the inventory level your customers see is the same one you see. They’ll thank you for it, by shopping again and again.

7, Air Purifier Inventory Management – Lose the paper

Forget a paperless office, in our experience a paperless warehouse is the place to start.

1,500 orders = 1,500 sheets of A4 paper. Throw in an integrated label and you could be looking at 17¢/10p per order. That’s $255/£150. Thermal printed dispatch notes like the ones Amazon use cost just 2¢/1p. That’s a saving of $225/£145 per 1,500 orders.

8, Air Purifier Inventory Management – Integrate your shipping

Passing customer address and order information to your carriers is essential for getting things shipped. If you’re spending a few hours per day copying information or even manually entering it, it’s time to stop. Automating this process is much easier than it sounds.

9, Air Purifier Inventory Management – Update your air purifier customers

Keeping your customers in the know will reduce customer service calls and improve their satisfaction. Customize the order statuses and trigger emails to customers when each is reached. Third-party applications like Cloud Conversion can help if you don’t have the development resources to implement this tactics. We’ve seen some companies reduce customer service calls by 50% through automating order status changes and proactively managing customer expectations.

Hope that following 9 steps will help you better manage your Air Purifier inventory.