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How to Use Popups To Maximize Conversions

Actually, popups are something which makes visitors feel annoying so that they have gotten a bad reputation. The reason is that they have shown up immediately when anybody visit an online store. However, with Super Campaign of Magestore, we can use popups by many effective ways. Instead of triggering an irrelevant popup which shows to everyone, Super Campaign use intelligent Magento popup that you can control to show at the right time with a message that is relevant to your visitors.

By using Super Campaign, you can be free to create a large number of intelligent popups which appear in exit – ‘exit-intent popups’ and popups which appear when an action is taken. For example, popups appear when the visitors scroll down a page or click a link. You also can create timed popups which allow you to control when a popup appears after no action has taken place for a period of time.

For this reason, you can use popups more effectively. They aren’t annoying and more helpful to your visitors when they visit your site. Nowadays, more and more e-commerce website are starting to take notice and find out new ways to optimize popups to increase the sales without bothering shoppers, especially loyal customers.


Here are 5 best ways for you to use popups to maximize conversions on your e-commerce site.


1. Use micro-landing pages

When you use popups effectively, they can help you draw your customer’s attention at the right time. It is reported that using a popup as a micro-landing page rise your conversion rate up to 15%, even more when comparing with standalone landing pages.

A popup focuses the attention of the customer who visits your website when it launches. With visitors who surf your website all day long, it isn’t difficult to see why a popup can help maximize conversions when it’s an effectively time popup.


While someone takes an action on your e-commerce website or clicks a link that triggers a popup with a micro-landing page, they aren’t shocked as it is driven by an action. The popup grabs their attention in a non-intrusive way.

2. Use Different strokes for different folks

One of the best things of Magento popup extension is that you can change the message which is shown to your visitor. It means that you don’t need to show the same message to everybody who visit your website. The reason is that this method uses detailed visitor segmentation, date and time and coupon code used . Therefore, you can show a relevant message to your visitor.

Because you learn the shopping habits of your customers based on their source. For instance, you can show different messages depending on customer group, new customer/ return customer and login/not login. Especially, you also design message easily by using HTML. By this function, you can display anywhere on page: top right, top left. bottom right, bottom left, customize or center with proper margin as well as proper alignment.

3. Provide useful information

By using this extension, you can create the great popups which more helpful and less annoying to your visitors by providing useful information. For example, you can provide highlight a new products or a simple how-to on your product.

Instead of trying to force a sale, you should reach out to your potential customers in a positive way with useful information which they can use. By doing this way, you would be surprised how effective it is. It leads to more sales as well as conversion for you in the long term.

4. Highlight your sales and discounts

When you tend to create a promotion campaign, you should tell your customers as much as possible. Popup is one of the best methods which help you announce your discounts. It really makes sure it get noticed. You also can combine this with an email sign up request to motivate your visitors to take part in your list.

By controlling and timing your popups, you can make sure that visitors who have already seen the deal will never get it again.


5. Listen to your customers

You also can use popups to ask your customers what they what, what they need, how they feel about your website, products or services, etc. By doing this way, it can show that you really interested in listening to your customer’s feedback, serving them better.

It’s actually a win-win situation. You get ideas to improve your website, service and product and your customers feels that they have right to make the service or products better. It’s easy to see how this inspirational use of a popup can help maximize your conversions


All features which are mentioned above will make you fall in love with this extension!

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