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Magento Inventory Management extension

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provides the easiest stock management & min product loss

                  • Managing stock receiving: purchasing products for many warehouses, managing suppliers, purchase orders and supply needs, etc.
                  • Managing warehouses: assigning permissions, adjust stocks, etc.
                  • Managing stock issuing: managing Customer Orders, transferring stocks, report, etc.


magento standard inventory management extension

is specially designed to fit small and medium businesses.
It provides the most basic, easy to use functions of a stock control system.

                            • Managing Inventory: Qty. in stock, Stock Issuing, Stock Receiving, Stock Adjustment
                            • Managing Purchase Order: Detailed Information, Products, Deliveries, Return Orders
                            • Managing shipping methods and payment terms


  • Do you know that 45 – 90% of all business expenses are as a result of inventory management costs? ( Therefore, it’s vital to have an effective inventory managing strategy in order to save costs and gain greater revenues. With Magestore’s Magento Inventory Management extension, admin will be able to upload products to backend and then keep track of them: which supplier a product comes from and which warehouse it belongs, etc. In that way, it helps eliminate common mistakes arising when you transfer stocks among warehouses and from warehouses to customers.
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    Magento Inventory Management


    After purchasing stocks from suppliers, you can easily upload them to backend and then keep track of them: from which supplier it comes and to which warehouse it belongs. Now, let’s go into detail what makes it a great inventory manager for you:

    Stock Receiving Management

    Magento Inventory Management extension facilitates your stock receiving process.

    You can easily purchase different quantities of stock for different warehouses at the same time.Magento Inventory Management
    For every supplier, you can know how many products you have bought from them, how much money has been spent and refunded if any. In that way, you can see your largest supplier or the one you have to return most products. This information can be a useful basis for you to draw up prompt supplier strategy such as preferential treatments to the largest supplier or withdrawal from buying stocks of high returning rate ones and so on.Magento Inventory Management extension

    After purchasing, you can manage all of your purchase orders with a lot of information such as products in order, supplier, warehouse, Qty requested, Qty received, the amount you have spent, delivery status and so on.

    A more interesting feature of Inventory extension is “managing supply needs” based on which you can promptly create purchase orders. The extension can show you:

    + Minimum Qty: this is the quantity you MUST purchase to fulfill your sales order.

    + Maximum Qty: this is the ideal quantity you should purchase to fulfill both the current and the forecast order demand.

    From the supply needs list, you can filter the list by warehouse or supplier, then read a summary to know how much you have to purchase for each warehouse and easily transform the supply needs into a purchase order!

    Inventory Management

    Warehouse and Stock Transfer Management

    It can be tough to manage a business with many warehouses located in many different places. Magento Inventory Management eases your stock managing process when they have been put into warehouses.

    Many times, some of your warehouses are out of stock while others are not. In those cases, you can conveniently make a stock transfer.Magento Inventory Management by Magestore
    As there can be a lot of warehouses with their own managers, it’s useful that store-owner can assign different permission tasks: Edit warehouse, transfer stock and adjust stock to different users: admin or warehouses’ managers.Best Magento Inventory Management Extension
    Sometimes, there is some data difference in practice and in the record. So the extension allows you to adjust the statistics to keep it reliable.Magento Inventory Management extension

    For any specific warehouse, besides its general information, you can access other useful data including products, Customers’ orders, stock issuing and receiving and so on.

    Stock Issuing Management

    Magento Inventory Management also supports you in the selling process.

    For every Customer order, besides normal data, you can also see many others such as on which store the order is made, from which warehouse it is shipped, its shipping progress and so on.

    Besides, when the Qty ordered exceeds the Qty available in all of your warehouses, the shipper can make a request to receive more stocks. And you can check all those notices as below:

    Magestore Inventory Management

    Last but not least, the extension gives you useful reports on sales, purchases as well as other data. So it will be much easier for you to get an insight into your business and take prompt actions. For example, with the sales report by warehouse, you can know warehouse A can generate the largest proportion of sales for you whereas warehouse B generated the smallest. Then you can think of ways to invest more resources in A and also to research on the methods to improve B’s performance.Magento Inventory Management



     Manage Stock Receiving

    • Manage a full list of purchase orders with a lot of information such as time of purchase, warehouse, supplier, Qty requested, Qty received, amount spent, payment method, shipping method, expected arrival date, etc.
    • Manage a full list of stocks with many data including suppliers, warehouses, etc.
    • Purchase stocks and make delivery for many warehouses at the same time
    • Can update cost prices from purchase orders when receiving stock
    • Can adjust stock by importing from CSV files or changing product’s Qty manually to update the exact data of warehouses and the whole system
    • Manage all of your suppliers with many info such as products, total spent, total refunded, purchase orders, returned orders, etc.
    • Conveniently import a load of products by CSV files when purchasing orders, adding products for suppliers
    • Forecast “supply needs” based on which you can promptly create purchase orders
    • Able to edit cost, discount, tax of products when creating a new purchase order
    • Auto-update product’s cost, discount, tax edited to supplier’sdata after creating a new purchase order
    • Check admin permission when returning order to supplier
    • Able to auto-change “Stock Availability” when updating product quantity
    • Filter reports by supplier and show the detailed report on each product via pop-up
    • Record all admin’s activity change logs related to purchase orders, shipping method, payment terms, suppliers, etc.

    Manage Warehouses and Stock Transfers

    • Manage all of your warehouses with a lot of info such as products, permission, Customer orders, Stock issuing, etc.
    • Can assign permissions (edit warehouse, transfer stock and adjust stock) to different admin users like admin, warehouses’ owners
    • Can transfer stock among warehouses
    • Can create stock receiving and stock issuing separately
    • Conveniently import a load of products by CSV files when transferring stocks, issuing stock or receiving stock
    • Record all admin’s change logs related to warehouses and stock transfers

    Manage Stock Issuing

    • Can choose warehouse to ship products to Customers
    • View many useful data of Customer orders such as on which store the order is made, from which warehouse it is shipped, its shipping progress and so on.
    • Make a request for purchasing more orders when running out of stock
    • Access reports on sales, purchase orders, Customer orders, etc


    • Support multiple stores
    • Open source 100%
    • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
    • Easy to install and configure
    • User-friendly interface
    • Compatible with Magento Community version 1.4 – 1.8

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