How Magento Inventory Management can boost your Magento website?

You are completely exhausted with the increase in numbers of back orders?

You are struggling with your present inventory management, with out-of-date-replenishing-stock system?

Your Inventory Management Magento keep making you disappointed?

We have a Solution for your: Magestore Inventory Management_ The Exclusive Inventory management Magento from Magestore.


  • Magento Inventory Management can be any system that simply fits your business

    With 3 editions tailored for different businesses, Inventory Management Magento brings you a flexible big system and extraodinary easy to use. No conflict between incompatible modules as well as wasted or unused feature in Magento Inventory Management.

  • Magento Inventory Management  save your budget cos a Free one is just enough

    Magento Stock Management is not only flexible in structure but also in pricing. Simply choose a package that fits your business. No extra penny with Inventory Management Magento.

  • Magento Inventory Management just dedicate for Magento

    Never worry about your data security as this system is integrated right in your back-end with Inventory Management Magento. Everything is synchronized & updated instantly, just in a few clicks with Magento Stock Management.


Magento Stock Management Lite Edition help you  keep track of any products in backend.Star, it provides all must-have features for your inventory management Extension.


Magento Inventory Manager Lite Edition

  • Magento Inventory Management show all of the products’ imagines and information to the frontend.
  • Inventory Management Magento can update stock timely.
  • Recording inward inventory has never been easier with Magento inventory Lite Edition.


If you are like me, you definitely fell in love with above features of Magento Stock Management. So you will be thrilled by 5 more exclusive features for sure. Check it out:

  • Know how many orders you have bought from suppliers
  • Manage your Stock Purchase just like a breeze.
  •  Never worry about Low Stock with Low Stock Notification System.
  • Struggling everytime track shipments of sales orders? Let’s manage all shipment processes on 1 single grid.




Is that all? No, we also have one more extraordinary Magento Stock Mangement Edition to meet all demands from our customers. Here is what we will offer:

  • Multiple Warehouses: Contact, Location Information and the exactly number of items which are available in Warehouses.
  • Choose Information Encoded, Easily Print And Scan with Magento Inventory Management.
  • Correct Amounts and status of Products easily and conveniently with Magento Stock Management.
  • Comprehensive report for your Website business with Magento Stock Management.
Magento Inventory Management Professional Edition
Magento Stock Management Professional Edition



Do you know that 45 – 90% of all business expenses are as a result of inventory management costs? ( Therefore, it’s vital to have an effective Inventory Managing strategy in order to save costs and gain greater revenues.

Effective Magento Inventory Mangement System for you



Stock Management

It’s a hassle for everyone when having to deal with thousands of SKUs, especially for newbie. Inventory Management Magento eases the task by showing product images & bringing all data needed to the forefront, from total Qty. to available Qty. in a warehouse.


Inventory Manager Stock Manager

Inventory Manager Stock Manager

Now you can manage stock in the most simple and visual way with this exclusive Magento Stock Management!

Stock Adjustment

Since data differences in practice and in the record are unavoidable sometimes, you surely need to frequently update stock to keep the statistics reliable. Magento Stock Management extension can help you.

Inventory Management Stock Adjustment

Stock Receiving

Magento Stock Management  is especially helpful when you want to record inward inventory. When your warehouse receives more items, you can submit a stock receiving form that contains reasons and Qty. received of each product.

magento stock management extension
magento stock management extension stock receiving



Supplier Portfolio Storage

magento stock management extension supplier porfolio storage
Magento Stock Management extension supplier porfolio storage



Magento Stock Management helps you gain an in-depth view into key suppliers and procurement activities. When you look into a supplier in details, you will know how many orders you have bought from them, how much money has been spent and refunded.

magestore inventory management supplier porfolio storage
magestore inventory management supplier portfolio storage



Stock Purchase Management

Magento Stock Management surely optimizes your purchasing process with up-to-date info of purchase orders, such as products ordered, warehouse received, Qty. requested, Qty received, spending amount, delivery status and so on. Partial shipment and return purchase order are also supported effectively.

magento inventory management extension stock purchase management
Magento inventory management extension stock purchase management



Creating and managing purchase orders just like a breeze in our Inventory Management Magento. Within a few clicks, you can email your requirements or any purchase order’s updates to suppliers.


  • Contact Information
  • Shipping Details
  • Payment Details
  • Other Information
  • Purchase Order Review

Low Stock Notifications

Have ever your  stress levels mounted when maintain sufficient inventory levels of your stock?

Don’t worry the low stock notification feature from Magento Stock Management is here to rescue you . Magento Stock Management uses cron job to frequently alert you on schedule via email & notifications in admin panel if your inventory levels have fallen below the minimum stock threshold.

magento stock management low stock notification
Magento stock management low stock notifications



Inventory management Magento Low Stock Notifications
Magento Stock Management Low Stock Notifications



You can easily optimizing your workflow with Inventory Management Magento.  It automatically filters all low stock products and displays their information on your dashboard for easy handling. Just a few clicks you can placing purchase orders in time, and never worry about out-of-stock situation again!

Shipment Status Management

Remember when you tracked shipments of sales orders? You don’t know which one is complete, not shipped or partially shipped. You wish you could manage all shipment processes on 1 single grid?

Magento Inventory Management is exactly what you want. You can easily see its shipment status and from which warehouses the shipment is sent. Take a look!

magento stock control shipment status
Magento stock control shipment status


Inventory Dashboard

Do you know that our Magento Inventory Management provides an user-friendly dashboard by visualizing anything you want? We have:

  • Sales orders in the last 10 days
  • Items shipped from warehouse(s)
  • Purchase Orders sent to supplier(s)
  • The last 10 stock adjustments
  • 10 best-seller products
  • 10 products with the longest storage time

It has never been easier to create, edit, drop & drag charts that manipulate your inventory status with Magento Inventory Management.

Magento warehouse management Dashboard
Magento warehouse management Dashboard


Multiple Warehouses

Track Inventory by Warehouse

Managing multiple  warehouses in different locations can be a pain when it comes to traceability. Magento Inventory Management’s multi-warehouse feature helps centralize your tracking system. Besides contact & location information, you easily know what and how many items are available in each warehouse.

Magento warehouse management Track Inventory by Warehouse
Magento warehouse management Track Inventory by Warehouse


Transfer Stock

Would it be amazing you could simplify your management with only 2 actions: request stock and send stock. Inventory management Magento auto increases or decreases the Qty. on hand in each warehouse instantly corresponding to any requesting or sending of stock created. Transfering Stock in blink of an eye!

Magento inventory management extension transfer stock system
Inventory management Magento extension transfer stock system


Check Admin Permissions

Wait, Inventory management Magento still have one more exclusive function. You can assign sending/ requesting stock permission of each warehouse to specific admin users only!

All stock movements are recorded!


Barcode Management

Choose Information Encoded

Barcodes,  the most ideal technology people have ever found for automatically tracking product information, is also included in Inventory Management Magento.  Each product can have many barcodes, which encode different information such as its SKU, warehouse, supplier, purchase order.

magestore inventory management barcode management
magestore inventory management barcode management



Print Barcodes

You can easily print:

  • Product Name & Barcode
  • Product Name, Size, Price & Barcode
  • Barcode Symbol Only
  • Product Name, Price & Barcode


magestore inventory barcode management


Scan Barcodes

magento stock management extension scan barcodes

Easily using barcode readers to instantly track down product information in picking and delivery inventory operations.

Physical Stocktaking

No Inventory Management System can be effective and scientific without Physical stocktaking.  Continuous stocktaking can reduce your accounting cost by bringing your stock discrepancies to the notice ASAP.

Double-check and correct inventory amounts in Inventory Management anytime according to real Qty. in your warehouses. Warehouse managers can easily upload their stock counts for admin’s approval. After confirmation, the system will update quantities instantly.

magento warehouse management Physical Stocktaking
Magento warehouse management Physical Stocktaking


Inventory Management Magento Reports

Is management enough? The answer is “No”. Analysis is also required. Magento Inventory Management not only records full history of any changes in the system, the Inventory extension also provides useful reports on up-to-date sales, purchases, warehousing time and other detailed data. Inventory Management Magento will give you better control and foresight into your business and take prompt actions.


magento stock management extension


Supply Need Forecast

A more interesting feature of our Inventory Management Magento is the intelligent demand forecast of stock replenishment. It calculates and predicts the minimum/maximum supply needs of each product, allowing you to make purchasing decisions about the proper quantities to fulfil the demand. After knowing how much you should purchase for each warehouse, you can promptly transform the supply needs into purchase orders!

Magento warehouse management extension Supply Need Forecast
Magento warehouse management extension Supply Need Forecast


Drop Shipping

the number of back orders had increased significantly? Using this feature, you can have your suppliers or any other third parties ship goods directly to customers in just 4 simple steps, which can be enabled/disabled flexibly to fit your business model best. Both you and suppliers can conveniently keep track of the drop shipment status via auto notification emails. Then, suppliers can conveniently log in to the system with provided accounts to update status of drop shipments.

Inventory management in Magento Drop Shipping
Inventory management in Magento Drop Shipping


List of Full Features

  1. Lite Edition
    • Stock Management
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Stock Receiving
  2. Basic Edition
    • Supplier Portfolio Storage
    • Stock Purchase Management
    • Low Stock Notifications
    • Shipment Status Management
    • Inventory Dashboard
  3. Professional Edition
    • Multiple Warehouses
    • Barcode Management
    • Physical Stocktaking
    • Inventory Reports
    • Supply Need Forecast
    • Drop Shipping

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